Monthly Round-up

September Round-Up

made it to week 29 – almost done!

Somehow this month is already over and I haven´t posted much. This is mostly due to the fact that I haven´t been working on anything new this month.
I finished the pair of baby boots I made for my sisters friend, did a few more blanket squares for KAS and am still busy with the CAL blanket for Maria – the actual CAL is finished now but the Facebook group is still going strong, feels like somebody new is starting on this every day.

So, nothing worth writing about atm. But there will be more coming as we head into Christmas time – there is at least one deco and one presents post in the future.

fiimAside from that I´m still busy with role-playing. I had my first session as a player and my first one as a GM – and they both went pretty well and future sessions are definitely happening.
If you are interested in my exploits as a new GM (short for “Game Master” aka the person in charge of setting up the world for the game) might I suggest a stop at my second blog:
Over there I mostly post some of my creative writing stuff but there will also be RPG related things, like a series called “Diaries of a newbie GM” in which I will write about my experiences as exactly that.

Oh, and last but not least: Starting tomorow I´ll be back in my old job… I hope I get the whole time management thing figured out – now that I don´t only have a work- and a yarn-life but also something resembling a social-life again – and I promise I´ll be back with more project related posts in October.


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